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See this 7-year-old cutie celebrate having Down syndrome

If this doesn't deliver all the happy feelings, nothing will.

Being Down Syndrome is not “scary”, it’s “exciting”, says adorable Sofia Sanchez.

In a video her mum Jennifer posted to Instagram for Down Syndrome Awareness Month in the US, Sofia talks about what having Down syndrome means to her.

She explains that it’s “in your blood,” and when her mum asks if that makes her blood special, she responds enthusiastically, “Yeah!”

Here’s the gorgeous video:

“Sofia has a bit more to share about Down syndrome for this wonderful month of awareness!” says the caption.

The Sanchez family of California adopted Sofia from an orphanage in the Ukraine, says CBS News, after sponsoring her.

Her mum hopes that these sorts of posts will change the misconceptions that surround Down syndrome. She thinks they’re starting to.

“I’ve read message after message saying, ‘It’s so inspiring to hear about someone who loves themselves so much. I realised that I don’t think people hear enough from people with the disability describe just how great they feel about themselves.”

Here’s another Instagram video the pair have posted to celebrate the ongoing Down syndrome Awareness Month.

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