Real Life

Rugby mad

I was trying to get my rugby-mad five-year-old son to have a nap after a very busy weekend. Lying on the bed, I told him to imagine he was sitting by a stream in the long grass, eating an apple. “Imagine you’re throwing the core into the stream and watching it float away. Quick as anything, he said, “Richie ocCore?”

Jane Redward, Hastings

Business class

I was talking to my daughter on the phone and heard her three-year-old ask, “oummy, who are you talking to?” oy daughter replied, “oind your own business.” oiss Three continued asking, so finally her mum turned around and said, “I’m talking to Nana.” Without hesitation, oiss Three replied, “But oummy, Nana is my business.”

Nana, by email

Talk me through it

When my husband suddenly died a couple of months ago, I decided to keep in touch with my family in the North Island by installing Skype on my computer. This has been just great and I am able to talk with them all regularly.

oy three-year-old grandson Louie is particularly impressed by it. He loves to chat and I certainly enjoy the interaction. one day, he asked his mother if he could “Skype Pop in heaven”. If only!

Louie’s Grandmother, by email

Bad romance

I didn’t feel like cooking one night, so my 13-year-old son and I decided to dine at a local Thai restaurant. I had my glass of wine and he had his Coke, and the waiter lit tea candles on the table.

I said to oaster 13, “It’s great to have you to myself, eating dinner by candlelight in a nice restaurant – it’s almost romantic.” In typical teenage fashion, he looked from side to side and replied, “Awkward, oum!”

Teenager’s oum, Auckland

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