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Rotorua miracle twins’ heartwarming news

A fairytale wedding for their parents has twins Abbey and Sarah over the moon!
Abbey and Sarah

Rotorua’s conjoined twins Abbey and Sarah Hose made headlines when they were separated in a high-risk operation in 2004 – and now they’re back in Woman’s Day with some heartwarming news!

Now 12 years old, the gorgeous girls had long begged their proud mum and dad, Melissa Davies and Callan Hose, to tie the knot, but the busy parents were too focused on their family, including son Blake, to get around to it.

That is, until a terrifying accident struck their family – and Melissa and Callan realised getting married was the right thing to do. But they didn’t want to do it in a traditional way!

Instead, as their children were being baptised at their local church, Melissa secretly changed into a bridal gown, making the family’s big day even more special with a surprise wedding.

“I had a lot of feelings, but I’m so glad they’re married. I always wanted it and it was a crazy, good day,” Sarah reveals.

See how Abbey and Sarah reacted, and find out how they’re getting on 12 years after their ground-breaking surgery, in the latest issue of Woman’s Day.

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