Real Life

Picture purr-fect

I was watching TV with my young son. The family cat was asleep on my lap, purring loudly. My son asked me why she was making that noise, so I explained that that’s what cats do when they’re happy.

A few nights later we were watching TV and my husband dozed off and started snoring. our son said in a surprised voice, “Daddy is happy.” When I asked why, he said, “Because he is purring.” Since that day, snoring is always referred to as “purring”.

Valda, Masterton



Eat your greens

oy three-year-old granddaughter has always loved fruit and veges. This morning I steamed some broccoli, which she then ate for breakfast. I was so amused when she asked me to cook more, and asked, “Please add some leeks?”

Kt’s Grama, by email

Teacup of the week

The family was waiting in the car while Granddad and Dad were shopping in a hardware store over the weekend, when oiss Four cried, “oum, I need to do a wee!” oum replied, “Just wait, Granddad and Dad will be back soon.” I piped up, “Can you just hang on?”

“Yes I can, Nana,” oiss Four replied, after thinking for a moment, “but what do you want me to hang on to?”

Nana Beryl, Ruakaka

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