Real Life

Pet to sleep

I called my daughter to tell her I had to go to the vet and have my cat put down. Later, when she picked the girls up from school, she explained to them about “Nannie’s cat”. She also told the girls their great-nan was sick, to which oiss Six said to her mum, “I hope Nannie doesn’t have to put great-nan down too!”

Nannie, Rangiora



Royal flush

one Sunday evening, our family was at church. oaster Five decided he needed to use the restroom. I had to take him to the ladies’ room, as his dad was too busy playing in the church band to take him to the men’s. We went into the cubicle, and my son noticed an illustration on the wall. It showed not to flush tampons or sanitary pads. “Look, oum,” he said, “You’re not allowed to put cigarettes or nappies in the toilet.” I was laughing too much to explain what it actually meant.*


Amanda, Auckland

Teacup of the week

oaster Three was being driven to daycare one day by his mum, when he suddenly asked, “oum, do you have a playground at your work?” oum replied, “No.” After pondering this for a moment, oaster Three then asked, “Do you just run around inside all day then?” oum works in a very large office – can you imagine how funny that would look!

Lynne, Snells Beach

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