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Paying for more mud than spuds

Mud might be glorious but should we put up with it on our spuds?
Paying for more mud than spuds

The other day I bought a large bag of new-season potatoes from the supermarket. They were expensive but I was happy to pay because they seemed freshly dug. When I got home I was surprised how much mud was stuck to them – I was paying as much for the mud as I was for the spud! I reckon there was at least 50c worth of mud. Shouldn’t potato producers clean new potatoes better or supermarkets calculate a reduction?

If you don’t like a bit of mud on your spud you shouldn’t have bought them. You should have checked to see what you were buying beforehand. If you had returned them to the supermarket untouched, they’d have refunded your money. There are countless examples of this sort of wastage with vegetables. Do you resent paying for the cauliflower’s leaves that you never eat? Or the stack of seeds inside the pumpkin? How about that apple core? No, I’m sorry. If you were complaining about the number of spuds with disease marks inside them, that would be a different story. Or tasteless tomatoes, dry stone-fruit or floppy beans. But mud on your spuds? Sorry, no support from me on that one.

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