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Mum took selfies every day to help lose 57 kgs

The mum-of-two documented her year-long weight loss journey to help others.

Many people don't like seeing photos of themselves when they are not at their ideal body weight, but one woman used daily selfies as motivation lose almost 60 kg.
Justine McCabe's weight peaked at 140kg following the suicide of her husband last February.
She has has spent the last year taking photos of herself every day to document her weight loss journey, which has seen the 31-year-old working out six times a week.
The mum-of-two from Los Angeles admits the pain of her husband's death was a tragic wake-up call.
"My husband's death was a really heavy and horrible time, it was worsened because my mum had died not long before too," she told The Mirror.
"The death of my husband shook me awake and made me realise I needed to make a lot of changes."
Photo credit: Justine McCabe/Instagram.
Justine has lost about 57 kg over the past year and says her life is back on track. She recently shared a video compiling all her photos to show other people what she has achieved.
"The person you see reflecting in the mirror...will provide you with the biggest challenges in life," she wrote alongside the Instagram post.
"The human spirit is powerful. Do the work. Suffer the setbacks, push past the pain and excuses. True motivation is not an outside source. It's staring directly back at you.
There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Live with no regrets and don't ever give up. This is what drives me. My motivation."