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Mum sinks miracle shot to win daughter free tuition

What? Are you serious?

A Minnesota mum has had all her Christmases come at once, after sinking a miracle basketball shot.
Angela Ramey was given the chance to attempt a half-court shot after raising the most money in the school's annual fundraiser.
The prize? Half-price tuition for her daughter Grace at Bethany Academy, a private Christian school, next year.
No pressure!
With her daughter Grace by her side, Angela prepared to take the shot.
"I believe you can, I think you can," her daughter encouraged. "Just shoot the ball I know you can do it."
Angela closed her eyes and tossed the ball with all her might, the crowd cheering in anticipation.
The ball fell short and everyone sighed. Angela raised her hands in disappointment.
But then, like something straight out of Hollywood, the ball bounced incredibly high and sunk through the hoop.
The crowd went wild and Angela screamed in disbelief.
"What? What? What? Are you serious?"
Grace jumped for joy, ecstatic with her mum's brilliant shot.
Perhaps the most heartwarming part of this incredible story was that the Rameys had gathered with the rest of the school to prepare meals for the less fortunate.
The gymnasium was filled with boxes containing 41,040 meals packed by 235 students for the school's "Bethany Loves Bloomington" meal service to feed the hungry in the surrounding community.