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Mum injected son with faeces during cancer treatment

She eventually admitted to the abuse after doctors failed to find another reason for her son's deteriorating health.
cancer IV

cancer IV

A mother from Indiana has been accused of injecting faeces into her son’s IV while he was undergoing cancer treatment.

Tiffany Alberts, 41, has been charged with six counts of aggravated battery and one count of neglect of a dependent, resulting in serious bodily injury.

According to court documents, Tiffany’s 15-year-old son was being treated for cancer in hospital in Indiana. But after he kept getting unexplained infections, staff placed surveillance in his room.

The video showed Tiffany injecting her son’s IV with a syringe full of an unknown substance multiple times.

And after the boy kept ending up in hospital suffering recurrent infections, doctors ran tests to find out what was causing them.

What they found was that his blood tested positive for organisms that are usually found in stool, and there seemed to be no reason for the ongoing blood infection.

And after investigators questioned his mother Tiffany, she eventually admitted that she had injected fecal matter into the IV, in an attempt to get him moved to a unit with better medical care.

Doctors are now worried they could have missed the window to keep the boy’s cancer in remission.

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