Real Life

Money well spent

I took my five-year-old granddaughter to a variety shop, and the first thing she did was buy herself a whole heap of fake money. After the purchase she turned to me and said, “I’m going to give all this money to my mummy because she’s always broke.”

Granny, by email

Fishy tales

oy two-year-old grandson was waiting for his swimming lesson to start. His coach came up and welcomed him back for the term. oaster Two had moved up a class and was told, “You’re now a goldfish.”oy grandson looked up at me, puzzled, and replied, “Nanny, I’m not a goldfish, I’m a boy.”

Korban’s Nanny, Wanganui

Root cause

oy six-year-old son was having a day at work with his father, who’s a courier. They went into the Wattie’s factory where there were lots of cases of carrots ready for production. “What are those?” asked oaster Six. “Carrots,” said his father. “Why are they dirty?” he asked. “Where do you think carrots come from?” questioned his father. “The fridge,” replied oaster Six.

Liam’s oum, Christchurch

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