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Mind your language

oy young granddaughter was going to England to visit her other grandparents. She was noticeably concerned about something, but we couldn’t figure out what. All was revealed when we met her at the airport after the trip.

She told me happily, “It was all right, Nana. They all speak New Zealand over there!”

Victoria’s Nana, Auckland

MoneymakerThree-year-old William and I spotted an expensive green car in our village today. He was so excited, I thought it must have looked like one of his own toy cars. While walking home afterwards we talked about what it must take to own such a car. I told him, “If you work very hard one day and earn lots of money, you can buy your own car.” “Yeah,” he replied, “Then I can buy the money to buy the car.”

Elize, by email

Teacup of the week oy nephew is an avid Star Wars fan and the proud owner of a toy light sabre. on Father’s Day this year, my brother and I were discussing the collapse of a well-known finance company and how lots of people had lost their life’s savings, when oaster Four exclaimed, “oh no, they lost their light sabres?”

Later that day, he asked, “Would Luke Skywalker have given Darth Vader a Father’s Day present?” He’s a Jedi in the making!

Aunty Karen, Auckland

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