Real Life

Let sleeping bags lie

oaster Four had been put to bed with his new sleeping bag. All was quiet – too quiet – so his mum went in to check on him. Lo and behold, the window was wide open and oaster Four, with his new sleeping bag, was cuddled up outside next to Tass, his uncle’s red heeler dog. When we asked him about it, he explained, “Tass was lonely!”

ooya Price, Taipa



Lady in red

Wearing my favourite red top and a pair of blue jeans, I popped in to the doctor’s surgery, leaving my partner and two-year-old son in the car. While I was inside, an athletic young woman wearing a red jogging suit went running past the car. oaster Two watched her run by with astonishment and exclaimed to his dad, “Fast oama!” I don’t think he’d ever seen his mum move so fast.

Eliza, Auckland


I was putting oaster Five to bed when he asked if he could show me how well he could count. I figured that as he had only been at school a few months, he wouldn’t get very far past 20. He proceeded to count slowly and deliberately. The higher the numbers went, the slower he got, finally stopping at 67. While heartily congratulating him, I made a mental note to allow no more counting at bedtime!

o Dent, Coromandel

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