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Kiwis blur baby names and pet names

Have we gone barking mad?
Pet names

The trendiest titles for New Zealand pets have been revealed, and they are the same as our most popular baby names.

Bella is topping the pet name charts, and is in the top 10 for most popular children’s name.

In second, third and fourth place for fur babies are Charlie, Poppy and Oscar. Millie and Mollie tied for fifth, while Ruby, Max, Coco, Lucy and Toby round off New Zealand’s favourite pet names.

The results come from Neighbourly, an online community hub, in association with and Royal Canin.

Why the similarities in favourite names? Household pets have become humanised by their owners, and are often considered members of the family, co-founder of Neighbourly, and Labradoodle owner Casey Eden explains.

“Many of us treat our pets as if they are our children,” said Casey. People are so in love with their fur-babies they “even feature their pet in their profile picture, rather than using a photo of themselves,” he said.

Did your pet’s name make the list?

Top pet names in New Zealand

  1. Bella

  2. Charlie

  3. Poppy

  4. Oscar

  5. Molly / Millie

  6. Ruby

  7. Max

  8. Coco

  9. Lucy

  10. Toby

Words by: Sinead Corcoran

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