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Kiwi model loves living in Nicaragua

She’s a 24-year-old Kiwi taking the modelling industry by storm. Meet Saffron Broom, a free-spirit who now calls Nicaragua home.
Kiwi model loves living in Nicaragua

She was introduced to the modelling world by a friend last year, and within just a few short months, the leggy Kiwi found herself walking in the country’s largest fashion event, Nicaragua Diseña.

Held between October 9-11, the event was attended by 5000 people including international representatives from Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar – a great opportunity to be spotted and selected for further work.

Saffron was one of just 30 models chosen from the 400 who auditioned. But modelling, she says, has never really been a dream – rather, it’s something she has just fallen into. “When I was young, older family members would tell me that one day I could be a model,” she tells. “But any confidence that gave me was crushed by bullying at school and a really awkward adolescence! It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I started to feel beautiful again. I started getting into shape and now I guess modelling is a way to show off what I have achieved by sticking to a healthy lifestyle”

Photos: Grecia Rodriguez and Julio Rosares

Saffron says she wants to experience as much as life has to offer. She’s worked a variety of jobs and led a backpacking lifestyle since 2007. Applying for a number of volunteering roles online while living in Sydney, Nicaragua happened to offer the first position.

“I never imagined I would live here. In fact, I had to double check on Google Maps exactly where Nicaragua was before I flew over!”

After managing the hostel for three months, she began to venture through Central America, returning often to visit friends in Nicaragua. She’s since met her boyfriend – a local – there, “and now I live happily with him, my four dogs and four horses.”

Saffron says she loves living in Nicaragua.

“It is very vibrant. There are so many festivals with music, dancing and costumes in the streets.”

“Sometimes it can be frustrating, because you have to deal with the fact that it is a third world country; and there is poverty and corruption. But Nicaragua is actually the safest country in Central America now.”

And while she misses her family a lot, Saffron tries to travel home once a year.

“It’s such a long way, but it’s worth it to see all my friends and family. There’s nothing like New Zealand nature!”

By Jasmin Brown- Duurentijdt

Photos by: Grecia Rodriguez and Julio Rosares

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