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I talk to dead celebs

As a celebrity psychic in Hollywood, rubbing shoulders with big name stars is second nature to Lisa Williams but it’s a different story when she makes contact with the ghosts of legends like Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.

Lisa, who is touring New Zealand next month to host a series of live shows, admits she can feel starstruck when the spirits of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe make their presence felt. Lisa shot to fame in the US after she gave one of TV producer oerv Griffin’s staff members such an accurate reading that she was offered her own television show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, which screens at 8.30pm on oondays on Sky TV’s Vibe channel.

The psychic says she inherited her gift from her late grandmother, Frances Glazebrook, a well-known medium who read for members of the royal family, and Lisa believes her own son Charlie (9) has also inherited a sixth sense.

Since moving to LA three years ago, the British psychic thinks nothing of reading for America’s rich and famous, but says she did feel overawed on the two occasions she contacted Princess Diana – once when she was reading for a private client who had met the late royal and another during a live show.

“I said, ‘Somebody in the audience went to Princess Diana’s wedding’. one hand went up from someone who said, ‘Yes I was at the wedding’. It was bizarre,” says Lisa. And when pop star Michael Jackson died, Lisa says she was able to feel his spirit and pass on to his family his feelings of love for them.

“I could feel a presence and information that I needed to get across,” she explains. occasionally Lisa encounters resistance to her work from sceptics. “I had two Jehovah’s Witnesses come to the door. I explained that I was a medium and one of them absolutely ripped into me about doing the ‘devil’s work’.”

Lisa was just three when she saw a ghostly vision of her grandfather, who had died choking on a mouthful of peas. After becoming a professional psychic, Lisa developed a loyal following for her uncannily accurate readings. She advised one woman that there was a problem with her ovaries. The woman insisted that her ovaries had been surgically removed but a checkup found one was still there – and was cancerous.

Lisa will be offering readings during her live shows in New Zealand. It will be her first visit – the psychic was almost brought here as a child when her parents decided to emigrate, but later changed their plans.

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