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‘Human Ken doll’ to receive publicly-funded nose job

After he almost lost his nose to a flesh-eating infection, Rodrigo Alves is set to have yet another nose job.

The surgery addict who has spent more than $600,000 on surgeries to look like “Barbie’s Ken”, will get a $100,000, publicly-funded nose job after suffering a flesh eating infection.

Brazilian-born Rodrigo Alves was in Malaga, Spain, when he began suffering from necrosis – a life threatening condition that kills cells in the body – after undergoing his seventh nose job earlier this month. If left untreated, necrosis can spread to surrounding tissues and body parts.

He described how a hole started to appear and his new septum began to come loose, causing him to have trouble breathing.

Rodrigo Alves/Instagram

Rodrigo Alves/Instagram

Now back in London, where he lives, Rodrigo is expected to undergo a 10 hour operation to rebuild his nose from undamaged tissue and cartilage from around his ribs. It will be funded by the British National Health Service.

“’I know I wasn’t born in this country but I work and pay my taxes here and have a British passport so I am entitled to get help from the NHS,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I’ve always paid for my other operations myself but this is an emergency because of my breathing problems.”

Rodrigo has already had 42 operations in 15 years to achieve his dream of looking like a real-life Ken doll.

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