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Haka wedding lovebirds Aaliyah and Ben Armstrong tell all

The newlyweds reveal how they’re dealing with their newfound fame

Aaliyah and Ben Armstrong’s emotionally charged wedding haka captivated the world, but the down-to-earth pair are still surprised at the overwhelming reaction it’s received!
The video of the powerful moment, which showed Aaliyah moved to tears by the spontaneous haka, picked up steam when it was posted online and was later picked up by media outlets all over the world.
“At last count, our videographers estimated 200 million people have seen it,” Ben reveals.
“We’ve had so many lovely messages and we’re grateful that it touched so many lives.”
The couple, who both have Maori ancestry, say the haka is not just a war dance.
"It's a way to show love, respect and support," Ben says.
Ben's eldest brother, Joel, stepped up to lead the haka during the couple's reception and it wasn't long before Ben and Aaliyah joined in.
The unique wedding moment caps off a fairytale romance for the couple, who say their relationship is built on a rock-steady foundation of love, mutual respect and shared values.
Read our full interview with Aaliyah and Ben in this week’s Woman’s Day, on sale now.

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