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Getting hard copies of photos printed

Are the days of hard copy photos nothing but a distant memory?
Getting hard copies of photos printed

As I click through my holiday photos, I wonder whether I should get the best shots printed out for a hard copy album. Or does this sound a bit old hat? It bothers me that the hundreds, maybe thousands, of precious photos I now have on my computer will get lost at some time in the future. When I eventually pass away, will my children take the time to try to access them?

The man at the photography shop who prints my pictures was raising this issue a few weeks ago. It concerned him that fewer and fewer people were getting any photos printed – and I’m sure he wasn’t simply bemoaning a fall in business. I’m like you. I’ve completely lost track of all the photos I’ve taken over the years that are on my computer. Sure, they’re all in there in a rough order, vaguely labelled. But whether my kids would take the effort to go through them all to dig out the best in the years to come is highly unlikely. So yes, I think you should definitely print out the best two or three each time you consign a new photoshoot to your computer.

It surprises me that some entrepreneur hasn’t set up a “photo bank” where every few months you could email your favourite photos, with full and clear labelling. They would go into your personal folder, which you or anyone else you nominate could access. They would be kept in a fireproof, secure and upgradable file – at a cost, of course. Maybe there are these places, but I’ve not heard of them. For the time being, the album idea for selected photos might seem “old hat”, but it’s a very wise idea. Do it!

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