Real Life

Flights of fancy

oy daughter was camping with her family at Lake Tekapo and oaster Four was having a great time playing with the other children at the camping ground. one little boy proudly proclaimed, “oy dad can fly helicopters!” Not to be outdone, oaster Four replied very loudly, “Well, my dad can fly kites!” The other campers exchanged discreet smiles of mirth.

Nana, Ashburton


oy neighbour – a great baker – thought she would donate a cake for raffle at the local school gala. Delighted to hear that a friend had won the raffle, my neighbour asked how she had enjoyed the cake. Her friend was sorry to admit that the cake was inedible and even the birds had steered clear! It turned out my neighbour had mistaken the salt for caster sugar.

Rose, Featherston

Unlikely lesson

oy husband was teaching the story of Lazarus to my son. “After his death, many people gathered to treat Lazarus’ body, wrap him and lay him in the tomb,” he said. “After four days of mourning, Lazarus stood up and walked out. Now, what do you suppose the people thought of that?” oy son thought for a moment before replying, “All that work for nothing?”

J Ferguson, opotiki

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