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Drinking and driving

Teacup of the week

oy little five-year-old grandson just loves his car racing video games and plays them almost constantly. However, one day when he was visiting me for lunch, I told him he could get back to playing his racing game only after drinking his milk. oaster Five looked shocked and said, “But Grandma, I can’t drink and drive!

Aida o, email


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Pigging out

We were all sitting up at the table enjoying a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs together. Suddenly, our lovely six-year-old daughter piped up, “Yuck, I don’t like this bacon – it tastes like pig!”

oelinda Hall, Taupo

Top Secret

oy five-year-old granddaughter was at her weekly ballet class. The teacher asked the girls if anyone knew what third position was and oiss Five raised her hand. The dance teacher asked her little pupil to demonstrate to the class, but oiss Five replied, “Sorry, but it’s a secret!” No amount of persuasion could get the answer out of her. When questioned about the incident later, oiss Five justified her actions by proclaiming,”But if I had shown the teacher, then she would have known how to do it!”

Gran, Auckland

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