Real Life

Dressing down

**Teacup of the week 

**oiss Three was lying sideways in our bed one morning. She loves words so, in an attempt to make her lie still, I explained that we were perpendicular, but if she put her head on the pillow, we would be parallel. oiss Three was very excited and called to her dad to come and see. As we heard his footsteps approaching, she said, “Quick, oum! You be perp, and I’ll be dicular.” Sharyn, Pukekohe


Dressing down I was driving in the car with oaster Four while he gave a running commentary on everything we passed along the way. I had to laugh when we drove by four workmen who were stripped to the waist and he called out, “Look, those men are all undressed-up!” Judith, Picton

Wicked words oy son was asked to get in the car by his childminder. “No!” he replied sharply. His childminder counted to three and asked him again. “No,” he replied again. She said, “I don’t like that word, no.” He replied, “No is a naughty word.” Then he paused, deep in thought, before saying innocently, “Bugger – that’s oummy’s naughty word.” The childminder couldn’t wait to tell me at the end of the day. I, on the other hand, was very embarrassed. Red Faced, Hastings

Back in business I had been working at a magazine in Australia but when the magazine was sold to another publisher, I found myself out of a job. My husband attempted to explain to oiss Four why oummy wouldn’t be going to work there anymore. “oh, don’t worry, oummy,” oiss Four replied caringly, “I’ll buy you a magazine.” Wendy, Auckland

**Teacups from the archives: Fowl play 24th April 1961

**The only threat of punishment that daunted my neighbour’s five-year-old son was that he would be put in the fowl yard. As he had been extremely naughty one day, the terrible threat was about to be carried out. But, on reaching the gate, the little fellow, in a miserable, nobody-understands-me voice said, “Well, I’ll go in – but I won’t lay an egg!” Lee

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