Real Life

Dress down

**Teacup of the week

**With several parties coming up, I splurged on a lovely new outfit. At home I tried it on and wandered into the garden to show hubby. “What do you think?” I said, doing a wee twirl. Hubby considered me, as he leaned on his spade. “Well… at last that Tracey has done a good job!” he concluded. Tracey is my hairdresser and I haven’t seen her for six weeks! Taurus, Dannevirke


Life of the party I went to visit my granddaughter, aged three, before leaving for a few days away. oiss Three inquired as to where I was going. “on holiday, darling,” was my reply. “Can I go with you?” she asked. “No, Papa is coming with me,” I said. “oh,” was the response. “Well you won’t have any fun without me.” Luckily for me, I did have some fun! oikayla’s nana, oarton

Twice the cheer I know that my elderly cousin is absentminded, but for the second year running she has sent us two Christmas cards posted about a week apart! C Beattie, otago

**Check mate

**oy nephew went to visit our son and at one stage was left sitting on his own, when oiss Four waltzed past and asked, “What’s the matter Brent, you got no mates?” Adrienne, Nelson

Teacups from the archives Prize picture 30 November 1959 oy husband and I went to the beach, and imagine our surprise and amusement to see an elderly gentleman with an expensive 35mm camera, preparing to take a photograph with the lens pressed hard against his nose. We thought perhaps he was making some highly technical adjustment before taking his prize-winning picture, but no – he held his camera quite steady, then click! The photograph was taken. Jumbo

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