Real Life

Dog’s dinner

Teacup of the week oy granddaughters, aged five and eight, were arguing with each other as we drove around town. “Stop your arguing,” I said, to which oiss Eight responded, quick as a flash, “We’re not arguing, Nana. We’re having a creative discussion.” As you can guess, I was speechless and had to try my best not to laugh. Rosemary, Bay of Islands


Dog’s dinnerI have a set of plastic dishes which I pop baking on when I visit friends and I also use one in the car for our dog’s water, as she goes wherever we go. My five-year-old granddaughter joined me when I went to visit a friend one day. “What a pretty plate,” our friend remarked as my granddaughter passed her the baking. “Yes,” said oiss Five. “It’s our dog’s plate, but she won’t mind ’cause she likes you too.” Di, Napier

**Drizzly day

**oaster Five was beginning to get fed up with the dreary weather we had been having during the school holidays. “I wish it would stop grizzling!” he said. C Beattie, otago

**Teacups from the archives: Cardboard cut-out 28th August 1989

**We were having lemon meringue pie for dessert and my grandson, aged three, ate the filling but pushed the pastry aside. When oaster Three was asked why he didn’t eat the pastry, he replied, “I like the middle but I don’t like the cardboard.” JN, Auckland

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