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Do showers with built-in aquariums exist?

It’s time to swim with the fishes – but just for fun!
Goldfish swimming in bowl

I have loved aquaria ever since I was a kid and have just heard of the most extraordinary thing. Apparently, you can now buy shower cabinets that have an aquarium built into the wall. In other words, you can stand having a shower while looking at live fish swimming around next to you. Have you heard of this, and how would I find out more? I live in Timaru. I bet if they’re for sale anywhere in the country, it will be Auckland. It seems such an Auckland thing. But I want it to be a Timaru thing!

Not only can I confirm that such shower cabinets exist, but I have seen them with my own eyes. I saw them recently at a home show, and yes, the show was in Auckland. They are not the usual aquarium shape, more the shape of a wall. They have translucent glass so not only can you see through the aquarium into the rest of the bathroom, but you are also visible to anyone on the other side. And, of course, the fish can see you showering too. So you need to be a bit of an exhibitionist. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who was making or importing the product but I’m sure if you enquire at bathroom shops they will tell you. Should be Fisher & Paykel (get it?) but I don’t think it is. I did get the impression the showers were something of a luxury item, so the cost is likely to be fairly steep. But if you love your tropical fish, showering with them would be priceless. I haven’t seen a bath version yet, but that won’t be far away.

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