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Diner gives waiter $750 tip so he can go home for holidays

A diner in Texas gave one waiter the best Christmas gift ever – after hearing that he hadn’t seen his family for two years.
Taryn Keith Facebook

Taryn Keith Facebook

Ben Millar, 22, was waiting on a man called Jeffrey last weekend, when the two began discussing Ireland – where Ben is from.

Jeffrey said he often visited Ireland, and Ben agreed that he wished he could go back more often.

During their chat, the 22-year-old revealed he hadn’t seen his family back home for more than two years.

Living on a waiter’s wage and with a pregnant girlfriend, Ben just couldn’t afford to regularly fly back to see family and friends.

And that’s when Jeffrey did something amazing.

Jeffrey left this tip to help Ben visit friends and family

Upon leaving the restaurant, the diner left a $750 US dollar tip, along with the note: “Hopefully this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays.”

Speaking to ABC news, Ben said he was shocked and humbled by the gesture.

“I also hope I can reach out to Jeffrey so he knows how much I appreciate it,” Mr Millar told press.

“It means a lot to me, but more to my family back home who will benefit from seeing me again since almost two years.”

Ben now plans to wait until his baby is born, when he will fly his girlfriend and child over to Belfast to meet his family for the first time.

He also extended an invitation to the elusive Jeffrey, telling him if he came over at the same time, Ben would show him the “true Northern Ireland, not just the tourist aspect.”

Ben’s girlfriend Taryn shared the note to her Facebook page, saying: “to show everyone that there’s not only hate out there. Truly blessed.”

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