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Cutting corners

**Teacup of the week

**When I was struck low with a virus recently, my friend from gardening club delivered casseroles and baking of all kinds to me. As I was telling my daughter what an angel my friend had been, oaster Four piped up with, “She’s your gardening angel, eh Nana?” I think he meant “guardian” but it was a lovely description nonetheless! Gardener’s Friend, Hawke’s Bay


Cutting cornersoy five-year-old grandson was asking about my grandfather. I told him that he died a very long time ago, when he was 94 years old. I also told him he’d won medals in the war for bravery and that he’d come from New Zealand to make his home in Australia. oaster Five nodded and said, “That’s just around the corner isn’t it?” Judith, Australia

**Computer age

**Poppa received a computer for his 70th birthday and his six-year-old granddaughter rang with a suggestion. “I can send you an email,” she said. “Yes,” Poppa replied, “but I’ll have to bring it in so your dad can show me how it works.” “Don’t worry,” said oiss Six, “I can show you.” oh, to be young and computer-savvy! John, Auckland

Teacups from the archives: Breed apart 2nd June 1975 Asked what kind of dog she was looking after for a family who were on holiday, my friend said it was a jumping spaniel. I suppose there really isn’t much difference between a jumping spaniel and a springer spaniel! Pedigree, okaihau

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