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Customer scrawls homophobic note on napkin to taunt gay waiter

Imagine doing your job well and then getting this note instead of a tip.

A waiter has been left distraught after a rude customer left him a $0 tip and a vile note mocking his sexuality.

Eddy Cabrera was working at Chelly’s Café, a Mexican restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday where a table of three regulars were being “rude the entire time,” one witness said.

The noisy table left but instead of thanking Cabrera for his hospitality they left a homophobic note that read: “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”.

Having grown up in Guatemala he didn’t understand the meaning of the nasty note, but when his friend Jonathon Antle explained it to him the young man “almost started crying”.

“This is his livelihood, and they treated him like dirt the entire time,” said Antle. “They just took food off of his ‘table’ instead of treating him with basic human decency.”

Antle, who took to Facebook to post about the incident, added that these so-called “Christians” obviously didn’t understand the love and tolerance that should come with their religious teachings.

“What they wrote is not a Bible verse, although I know ‘if you do not love, you do not know God, because God is love’ sure as hell is.”

Since online outrage has ensued one of the rude diners has since apologised for the note that was left.

“I just truly apologise for the events that went into play today, from the bottom of my heart: I am sorry,” wrote the woman.

“My daughter’s Godfather is a homosexual, I would always support the LGBT community ’til the day I die,” she said.

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