Real Life

Close shave

oy five-year-old son and his classmate had been discussing the recent earthquake and aftershocks in Christchurch. “There have been lots of smaller earthquakes since that big one,” my son commented. His little friend apparently replied, “I know, they’re called aftershaves!”

Bev, by email

Papayas rule!

While holidaying in Asia, oiss Two’s favourite fruit was papaya. one day, she was playing imaginary tennis with her grandma in the lounge, thoroughly enjoying herself with Daddy occasionally yelling, “out!” and “In!” Grandma told oiss Two, “Daddy is the umpire.” oiss Two looked confused and yelled out to her mother, “oummy, Daddy is a papaya!”

Taj, by email

Common scents

oy two-year-old daughter and I were out in the garden on a sunny spring day, smelling the flowers. She held a sprig of lavender to my nose so I could breath in the scent. “omm, that’s delicious,” I said. oiss Two replied, with a puzzled look, “No, oummy, you can’t eat it!”

Jess, Auckland

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