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Boy grows hair long for best friend who has none

Despite being bullied for his beautiful long, shiny hair, Tyler Boone says he just wants his pal Gabby Ruiz “to be happy”.

A 10-year-old boy has shown compassion beyond his years, after deciding to grow his hair for his best friend.
Tyler Boone, from Georgia in the U.S., decided two years ago that he wanted to help his pal, Gabby Ruiz, who suffers from alopecia.
He began growing his brown locks long with the intention or providing Gabby with a wig, once it was past his shoulders.
Gabby, who has suffered with alopecia since she was four, is unable to grow hair, despite exploring several different treatments for her condition.
And when little Tyler was asked why he was doing this for Gabby, the youngster told U.S. news service KTLA5, “I just want to make her happy.”
Despite Tyler being bullied for his long hair – he hasn't quit his quest, and has now undergone the chop with the help of his friend Gabby.
After the 12-year-old made the initial cut, a stylist trimmed the remainder of his hair into a sharp buzzcut. The rest of his hair has been taken by charity Children with Hair Loss - who will make a wig from it especially for Gabby.
Afterwards, a hair stylist trimmed back the remainder of Tyler’s tresses into a buzzcut, making the young boy almost unrecognisable.
Tyler’s ponytail will be donated to the non-profit charity Children with Hair Loss, who will make a wig from it especially for Gabby.
In our opinion, there's only three words to describe him: generosity in spades.
Watch as Gabby chops Tyler’s ponytail off in the video above!