Real Life

Bloomin’ clever

**Teacup of the week

**once licked I was making some scones for oiss Three when I heard the sound of a kitchen chair being pushed over to the bench. Suddenly, oiss Three was beside me, putting her hands into the mixture to help with the kneading. “oh, I hope you’ve washed those fingers!” I exclaimed. “Don’t worry, Nana,” she said, “I’ve already licked them.” Elsie, Levin


**Bloomin’ clever

**oy daughter and three-year-old grandson pick me up and drop me off each day so we can travel to work and crèche together. When pulling into our drive one morning to collect me, my grandson exclaimed with great excitement, “Look what Nana has made us!” overnight the daffodils that line the drive had bloomed. If only Nana really was so magical. Devan’s Nana, Winton

**oonkey puzzle

**I was trying to select some nice bananas at the supermarket but they were all huge and overripe. oaster Four peered at them too and then announced in a loud voice, “Gosh, they must have big monkeys where those bananas come from.” Alpha, Napier

**Spot the difference

**oaster Five was staying with his auntie and chatting to her about his family. “Did you know that I have two nanas and they’re both different?” He said. “oh really, how are they different?” Auntie enquired. “Well, one has Sky TV and the other doesn’t,” explained oaster Five. Short-bread Shirl, Auckland

**Pride of place

**oiss Seven’s pyjamas were too small and her tummy was poking out from underneath the top. “Put your puku away,” her big sister told her. “How can I put it away?” responded oiss Seven sharply. “It’s already in the right place.” You can’t argue with that! Judy, Christchurch

**Teacups from the archives: Leftovers 2nd January 1961

**At the dinner table my granddaughter, aged five, was yawning, so Daddy said: “I think you ought to go to bed.” She replied, “I am not tired, that was this morning’s yawn.” Tired oavis

**Teacups from the archives: House rules 29th August 1994

**our six-month-old housetrained German shepherd spent a lot of time in the house and he was a good companion to our daughters, aged five and six. The dog used to get up on our new lounge suite and was often reprimanded to keep off. one morning I heard the girls yelling and crying. I rushed to them and found our dog pulling my youngest daughter by her trouser leg onto the floor. our six-year-old was already on the floor by the lounge suite. Both girls were very upset. After reprimanding the dog again, I then realised he must have thought if he wasn’t allowed on the lounge suite, neither were they. BP, Taumarunui

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