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What happens when you try and turn cats into models?

Go behind the scenes with The Australian Women's Weekly and Fancy Feast as they attempt to turn four lucky cats into stars.

They say never work with animals, but when they are this cute it’s hard to resist.

In the August issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, the fashion pages team up with Fancy Feast to turn four beautiful cats into models.

The results are stunning, but it’s fair to say these creatures had their own ideas about what a fashion shoot is all about.

Click through to see some behind the scenes footage of the spread – and pick up a copy of The Australian Women’s Weekly for the final result.

Brothers Aire and Amore are a handful.

And one of them prefers to stand on solid ground.

Armore knows his best side.

Three-year-old Ruby took a while to warm up to the camera.

Our oldest model, Marlene, 10, was easily distracted.

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Fancy Feast behind the scenes

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