Real Life

Bakes & pains

oiss Four was staying with her grandparents when she had a bout of severe abdominal pain. The worried grandmother took her to see a doctor, who asked her, “Where did you get your pain?” To which oiss Four replied, “In grandmother’s kitchen.”

o Roy, otago



Lettuce we forget

While cutting lettuce for a salad recently, I was reminded of my beloved granddad, who died more than 50 years ago. He had some quaint sayings and “amazing cures” for various ailments, including placing lettuce on your forehead if you were suffering from a headache!

I don’t know if it ever worked, but he sure had great faith in it.

C Beattie, otago

Board Room

I was getting ready to do some ironing, and I couldn’t be bothered getting the ironing board out from the cupboard, as I was only going to iron one garment. So I did my ironing on the kitchen bench. Ten-year-old granddaughter was watching me and, trying to be helpful, she asked, “Nana, why don’t you get one of those surfboards to iron on?”

Shortbread Shirl, Auckland

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