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A farmer’s search for love

Sheep farmer Clare ocNeur is just as comfortable in high heels as she is wearing gumboots. And she doesn’t mind getting her hands mucky, although a manicure always goes down a treat. In fact, single girl Clare is the perfect mix of feminine and farmer, making her a great catch for any man.

The only problem is – she can’t find a bloke to catch her. With events like the Rural Bachelor of the Year at Field Days in Hamilton becoming popular, Clare (24) says it’s about time single female farmers got some attention.

“There are always things going on trying to find partners for men who are farmers,” she says. “Why can’t there be something out there to find husbands for women farmers like me?”

So Clare asked New Zealand Woman’s Weekly to help find her dream man. “I know I’m putting myself out there but there are a lot of us good country gals who work hard but find it difficult to meet eligible guys in the same field.”

Farming is in Clare’s blood. She grew up on the family sheep farm in the Hawke’s Bay and, after working as a baker, realised her passion was for the outdoors. So four years ago, the bubbly blonde country lass swapped dough for sheep and moved home to work on the farm.

“I realised that being outdoors with the animals was what I really wanted to do. I’m passionate about it. But the downsides to such a lifestyle are the isolation and the hectic schedule, which make it difficult to find romance.

“Although I’m out there on the farm, I know that I have a lot to give as a wife,” she says. “I work hard, I’m a great cook and would someday love to have children.”

She likes surprises and says her perfect date would be one filled with spontaneity. “Just as long as it keeps me guessing, and doesn’t seem planned,” she laughs. “That would be the best fun.”

Even if she doesn’t find a husband, Clare says her quest for love won’t be in vain because it will make people aware of women farmers out there. “Women are just as capable of working on a farm as men,” she says.

“I don’t know if ‘farmesse’ is a word, but that’s how I describe myself and I’m proud of that.”

Do you know the perfect match for Clare? Send details and a photo to Farmer’s Husband, NZWW, Po Box 90119, Victoria St West, Auckland 1142.

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