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20 cool things to do in February

Stuck for ideas when boredom strikes? Read on!
  1. If you’re really keen, you could propose on Leap Day.

  2. Ban negative thoughts for a day and see what happens.

  3. Learn to snorkel properly; it’s a great family day out.

  4. Colour in the NEXT front cover!

  5. Ask a date to an outdoor movie and share popcorn together.

  6. Failing that, you could always throw a ‘Single Awareness Party’ on Valentine’s Day.

  7. Spend a day alone in a secret spot with a good book and a great bottle.

  8. Become the next Marian Keyes – if you only write 240 words a day, by December you’ll have your novel.

  9. FaceTime or Skype loved ones overseas from the beach. They won’t be jealous at all.

  10. Have a digital detox – go cold turkey for a weekend or just clear out that Facebook friends list. Do you really know those 462 people?

  11. Find an extravagant and flamboyant costume and take part in the Auckland Pride Festival.

  12. Get your quota of vitamin D watching the Black Caps take on Australia in the one-day cricket series.

  13. Try Blokarting – it’s sailing without getting wet. However, it’s a bit tricky to hold your G&T.

  14. Clear the clutter and have a garage sale… then spend the money on a weekend away.

  15. Go to an outdoor concert – there are gigs on for all musical tastes. If you’re looking for a mini-break, head to Splore, the family-friendly festival.

  16. Encourage the correct pronunciation of February – it’s February with TWO Rs, people!

  17. Embrace your inner Gatsby at Napier’s famous Art Deco weekend. A must for the sequin-lover.

  18. Host a breakfast party. If it’s going well, it can become an all-day affair.

  19. Tell yourself it’s okay you’ve fallen off the wagon with your new year’s resolutions; so has most of New Zealand.

  20. Practise mindful driving – ie stay in the moment and keep your cool!

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