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19 things on our summer bucket list

Here are few ideas we'd like to try to make this summer unforgettable
Summer bucket list

1 Learning to embrace our natural hair

2 Perfecting the art of self-tanning our back

3 Making it to midnight on New Year’s Eve

4 Writing the next Luminaries. If this fails, actually reading The Luminaries

5 Getting out of cellphone range

6 Making a summer playlist to blast on road trips

7 Taking a great holiday photo to frame for our home

8 Writing actual letters to old friends

9 Riding a horse along a beach

10 Banning ourselves from saying mean things about our bodies in togs

11 Buying ourselves an awesome Christmas present because we deserve it

12 Conquering one of our fears… probably the fear of failing. Who cares!

13 Finding new opportunities for accidental exercise – the Boxing Day sales count

14 Taking the time to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas rather than thinking ‘holy shit, it’s almost Christmas!’

15 Discovering the secret to going all holiday without getting a single patch of sunburn in a spot we’ve missed with the sunscreen.

16 Dressing like Gwyneth Paltrow on holiday in the Hamptons, even just once

17 Successfully avoiding scratching our mosquito bites

18 Mastering the art of making a jug of traditional English Pimm’s

19 Making memories… and not from behind a phone camera

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