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Why you might start seeing safety pins everywhere

The tiny gesture carries a big message of support.
#Safetypin movement

As some Americans struggle to come to terms with the outcome of their country’s recent election, a movement of solidarity has sprung up, offering support in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential win.

In the lead up to the race for to the White House, the president-elect stirred up his supporters campaigning on anti-Muslim sentiment, as well as making sexist and insulting comments about women and racist comments about people of colour.

The Huffington Post reports many American citizens now feel frightened at the prospect of their country being run by such a divisive leader.

So, while protests continue across the US, Americans standing in solidarity against groups maligned by Trump have embraced a small symbol of support.

By the simple act of fastening a safety pin to their clothing, people are sending out the message to those who might be afraid, they are not alone.

The #safetypin idea is inspired by the same movement which took place in the UK following Brexit. Incidences of racism skyrocketed after the country voted to leave the European Union, and given there have been reports in the US of racism following Trump’s election, the gesture – it would seem – is timely.

Celebrities have also embraced the movement. Speaking out against the election, Patrick Stewart posted a photo of himself with a small safety pin on his jacket to Twitter with the simple caption #Safetypin.

The movement is catching on too, with many Americans posting photos of themselves to social media, declaring themselves ‘safe places’ and showing support for all those who feel marginalised.


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