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That’s one way to upstage the bride!

Little boy loudly declares he “needs a poo” during wedding vows.

They were unlikely to ever forget the moment they said, “I do,” but newlyweds Hannah Lienert-Forrest and Ben Lienert have a particularly funny reason to remember the special moment for the rest of their lives.

Just as the celebrant was about to get down to business, a little boy wandered up and tugged at Ben’s suit and loudly declared, “I need a poo!”

Flinging their heads back in laughter, Hannah covered her mouth in shock and said, “What just happened?”

The boys aunt quickly whisked him away to a bathroom before the celebrant attempted to get things back on track.

Seeing the funny side of the situation, Hannah uploaded footage of the interruption on YouTube with the caption, “Children and weddings do’t always mix, but they sure know how to make them memorable.”

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