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Sneaky tricks supermarkets use to get you to spend more money

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Heading to the supermarket is draining enough without having to consider the different tricks they use to get you to splash more cash.

Here are five of the sneakiest ways supermarkets control your decisions.

Flowers by the door

This activates your senses and makes impulse buying more likely.

Essentials hidden away

Ever struggled to find the eggs or milk? This is all part of their plan.

Stores tend to place the ‘regular’ items in the farthest to reach places so you have to pass through other products which leads to impulse buying.


Sound plays a huge impact on your shopping habits. If the music is slower than the average heartbeat, it tends to result in shoppers spending more time and money when shopping.

Floor plan

The way a supermarket is set out is intentional. Research show that people will spend more when moving in a clockwise motion.

Targeting kids

Ever noticed how many times your youngster has gone to grab items off the shelf? That’s because products with kids appeal are played on shelves at eye-level so they can reach for the product.

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