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New Zealand listed in top 10 happiest countries

Ahead of Australia!

New Zealand has been listed 8th in the top ten most happiest countries in the world.

The World Happiness Report ranked 156 countries on factors such as social support, corruption and life expectancy.

Finland came out number one, followed by Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Finland jumped four spots, coming in fifth place last year.

New Zealand remained strong in the same spot as last year, however, Australia has moved from ninth to tenth place.

Below are the happiest and not-so happiest countries in the world.

The world’s happiest countries

1.) Finland

2.) Norway

3.) Denmark

4.) Iceland

5.) Switzerland

6.) Netherlands

7.) Canada

8.) New Zealand

9.) Sweden

10.) Australia

The world’s unhappiest countries

1.) Burundi

2.) Cenral African Republic

3.) South Sudan

4.) Tanzania

5.) Yemen

6.) Rwanda

7.) Syria

8.) Liberia

9.) Haiti

10.) Malawi

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