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New tenant finds body found stuffed in cupboard

The killer left a note saying "sorry for the smell".
Body found stuffed in cupboard by new tenant

A couple made a shocking discovery when they moved into their New York apartment.

As they opened up a cupboard, they found a deceased body wrapped in plastic and blankets along with a note from the killer which read “sorry for the smell”.

New York Daily News reports the body belonged to ex-con Sidney Harris, 64 who the landlord believed was in hospital and “wouldn’t be back.”

Sidney Harris.

The landlord then made a deal with the couple – who were both just 18-years-old – to rent the apartment as long as they helped move out Harris’ belongings.

It was then they found his body.

It is unclear how long his body has been in the apartment but the corner has said he died of multiple skull fractures.

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