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Is this chest of drawers pink and white or blue and grey?

Not again!

Ever since we lost our minds and questioned our sanity over dress-gate in 2015, people have been searching for the next big optical colour illusion.

Dress-gate tore people apart – colleagues against colleagues, friends against friends – some viewers claim the dress is coloured white and gold while others swear it’s blue and black!

The end of 2017 may be just around the corner, but this year still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Just last week Reddit user agamiegamer uploaded a picture of a set of draws, asking: What Colour Do You See: Pink & White or Blue & Grey?

And just like the Great Dress Debate of 2015, no one can agree.

Image via Reddit.

“Blue and pink :/,” says one user.

“I see white and pink!” said another.

But all is not what it seems…

“Changed the white balance to match the whiteboard on the dresser. Blue + Grey,” said one committed mystery solver.

You can see the result below, do you see the blue and grey?

Not everyone was happy with the result.

Image via Reddit.

While the exact colours remain ambiguous, the next photo will put everyone’s minds to rest.

“When I try to balance the colors in photoshop I get this, where it’s clearly white and pink, and I feel like it’s more accurate”

Take a look below.

So while most of us are shocked that anyone could see anything but pink and blue, it looks like the original colours are in fact, blue and grey.

Image via Reddit.

Why do we all see different colours?

What is the meaning behind it all?

While no one knows for certain why an image like the original dress photo divided the internet to such an extent many people think it has something to do with lighting both on and in the image, types of sight and our brains perception.

One possible explanation doing the rounds on Twitter by someone claiming to be the originator of the dress-gate viral post, is below:

Or maybe, it’s just a glitch in the Matrix.

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