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Here’s why you should keep silica gel bags

If you’re guilty of throwing them out, that’s all about to change

We’ve all come across those annoying little silica gel bags, be it in our new bags or new shoes. And chances are, your first instinct is to throw them out.

Well, they’re actually more useful than you think.

Silica gel is full of tiny pores made from silicon dioxide and is a desiccant, which means it absorbs moisture from the air.

And if you use them correctly, they can make a world of difference.

  • Preserve photos and books

Pop a silica bag in your box of old photos so that they don’t get attacked by moisture. Don’t like the smell of dusty old books? Pop the books in a bag with a few packets of silica gel and the smell will vanish.

  • Keep your make-up bag fresh

By placing a silica bag in your make-up bag, it will stop powder-based products from becoming sticky.

  • Rescue your soaked phone

It happens to the best of us so if you’ve dropped your phone in a puddle, the pool or even the toilet, place it in a bowl of silica bags. It’s apparently 10 times more effective than leaving it in a bowl of rice, news.com.au says.

  • Keep your silver shiny

Wrap your finest silver with a silica gel packet to absorb the moisture from the air and prevent the silver turning black.

  • Packing wet clothes

Packing wet swimwear in your suitcase? Pop a few of the gels in your luggage to dry it out.

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