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Dad charged after trying to revive baby by putting her in the fridge

A man has been charged with manslaughter after he forgot about his baby girl in a hot car and later put her in the fridge to cool her down.

A US father has been charged with manslaughter after he left his six-month-old daughter in a hot car and then tried to revive her by putting her body in the fridge.

Texas resident Michael Thedford, 33, told police he fell asleep after dropping his two other children off at day care on Tuesday (local time) and completely forgot about his baby in the car.

When he woke up four hours later and he realised what he’d done, he grabbed her in a panic and put her in his fridge to try and cool her down.

According to Reuters, he described his baby’s body as stiff and “hot as a brick”. The temperature for that day went above 30 degrees celsius, and inside the car it would have likely been at least as high as 70 degrees.

He then called 911 and tried CPR but it did not work.

Friends have called him a “conscientious and doting father” and his Facebook profile features many posts and pictures of his children.

Thedford was released from custody after paying the $27,000 bail.

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