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True blue hero chases down a would-be hit and run offender… wearing only his undies

Not all heroes wear capes – some just wear their jocks!
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A man from Brisbane is becoming a viral sensation before our very eyes, after a hilarious recount of a would-be hit and run.

Daniel McConnell recounted the tale to The Today Show of he chased a man down after he smashed into his mate’s mum’s fish and chip shop.

The deadset legend told Today he was up around 2am on Thursday when a car crashed into a nearby fish and chip shop.

“I jumped out of bed, all I had was me undies on,” he explained. “I’ve walked out the front and I’ve seen the bloke walking back to the car and so I’ve walked outside and said ‘what are you doing mate? You can’t be leaving the scene’.”

The scene of the crash.

The man was trying to flee the scene of the crime so hero Daniel sprung into action.

Daniel said the driver told him “don’t be a hero”, and jumped in his car to “scoot up the road”, to which Daniel thought: “Nah, it’s not going on like that mate”, before jumping in his own car, still in his undies, and chasing him.

Daniel then saw the police coming and flashed them, sending them in the direction of the man.

“But mate, all I had was me jocks on and I’m chasing him up the street and I’m just like, mate!” he quipped.

Police caught the driver who has since been charged with one count of unlicensed driving.

Newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys summed it up best when she asked: “Wouldn’t you like to live next door to Daniel?”

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