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Non-profit organisation Kaipātiki Project works to restore and protect the local environment

A native bush restoration project on Auckland’s North Shore gets some much-needed help from AMP volunteers

The back-breaking work of clearing rubbish and invasive weeds from public bush reserves and planting native trees to regenerate forests, streams and estuaries wouldn’t be possible without the help of a veritable army of volunteers.

Established 25 years ago, the non-profit organisation Kaipātiki Project works on Auckland’s North Shore to restore and protect the local environment, with the aim of providing a healthier, more sustainable natural world for present and future generations.

“Kaipātiki Project is brimming with amazing volunteers, bucking the national trend of a decline in volunteering,” says communications and engagement lead Blanka Ros. “Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. They are vital to the impact we have collectively and represent a significant number of people doing the work.”

Kaipātiki Project’s Ecohub runs a native plant nursery that grows more than 40,000 eco-sourced native varieties each year to help restore the biodiversity of the Kaipātiki area and wider north Auckland.

It schedules regular forest, stream and estuary regeneration days, but with only 16 staff, most of them part-time, it relies on volunteers. That’s where KiwiSaver and managed fund provider AMP come in.

AMP supports the Kaipātiki Project through its customer promise, “A Little Help.” The company has contributed many hours to the project’s overall volunteering pool, more than doubling its numbers in the past year alone.

“The AMP team has been amazing in joining our regular volunteer sessions throughout the year,” says Blanka.

The team recently worked with the project’s staff at Eskdale Reserve, helping to clear two invasive species, star jasmine and Chinese privet, from the native trees by the walking trail.

“It was fascinating to learn about the importance of protecting our native ecosystems and was a fantastic bonding experience for the team,” says Mark Lee, head of digital sales and engagement at AMP. “I’d definitely encourage other teams to volunteer with the Kaipātiki Project – it’s a great way to spend time outdoors and help protect our natural environment.”

Visit AMP to find out more information about their KiwiSaver and managed fund options.

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