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NZ Police give funny response to accidental social media message


The New Zealand Police have got plenty of people giggling over their response to a message accidentally posted to their Facebook page.
The message, sent to the police via a private message, asked “Oi bro when are we gonna get blazed with all your weed”.
After receiving an automated reply from the messaging service, the sender sent back a response that read “whoops wrong person”.
The police were quick to see the funny side of the situation and posted a screenshot of the messages to their Facebook page on Good Friday. They also used the message mishap to get out three light-hearted safety-themed hashtags ahead of the Easter break.
The messages encouraged drivers to watch their speed over the long weekend, as well as to avoid checking social media while driving.
The post has been liked close to 1500 times since hitting social media, with many praising the police for their humorous approach.
However, there were some who weren’t so convinced by the joke, and questioned whether the police had taken the right tactic with their response.
“I think that might be a joke. I have to wonder, are you not concerned that you and the sender have the same level of maturity in regards to humour?” Sara Sergejew wrote.
“What can’t the NZP focus and post important issues?”
Stuff reports a police spokesperson commented on the post saying it wasn't meant to be taken too seriously, but it was a great way to get out a road safety message.
An earlier post on social media by police introduced Elliot, a ginger guinea pig, as the newest member of the Police Media Centre team.
From the looks of this cute pic, the police's newest employee is making every effort to fit in with the team!