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Lucky Northland Lotto player becomes $8.3 million richer

The winner didn't believe his wife when she told him they had won.

A very happy Northland couple have become $8.3 million richer after winning Wednesday's Lotto Powerball prize.
The couple, who wished not to be named, told the Herald that they were in disbelief upon hearing the news.
The couple were aware someone in the local area had won, however they figured it had already been claimed by someone else.
The wife had purchased the ticket online and it wasn't until she checked the My Lotto NZ App, that she realised they had won.
"I really thought I must be seeing things and when my husband looked at the ticket didn't believe it either. We just couldn't get our heads around it," the woman told the Herald.
The couple said the news really hit them when they received a call from Lotto's head office.
"When the lady on the other end said that she was calling from Lotto, the reality of it all hit me – I wasn't dreaming! It was a huge rush of emotion," the woman said.
Maybe it does pay to buy those tickets!