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KFC runs out of chicken in the UK

For many, it’s the stuff of nightmares…

Fast food chain KFC has had to close half of its 900 restaurants in the UK and Ireland due to a shortage of chicken.
The company has said the issue arose after it changed its delivery contract and it is unsure when normal supplies would resume.
"The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants," KFC said on Twitter.
"We've brought a new delivery partner onboard, but they've had a couple of teething problems - getting fresh chicken out to 900 restaurants across the country is pretty complex!" it added.
"We won't compromise on quality, so no deliveries has meant some of our restaurants are closed, and others are operating a limited menu or shortened hours."
Customers have expressed their surprise and disappointment on social media and the company has set up a web page where people check where the nearest open restaurant is.

New Zealand KFC fans can rest easy. There are no reported issues with the chicken supplies here.