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The surprising detail about Jacinda Ardern’s appearance on British Vogue's cover that was almost missed

It's been revealed that the way her portrait was taken for the publication’s September issue marks a first for British Vogue.

By Anya Truong-George
Following the announcement on Monday that the Duchess of Sussex was the guest editor of British Vogue's upcoming September issue, a flurry of stories have followed.
From seeing the striking cover featuring 15 change-making women, getting sneak peeks of what'll be featured inside – a Q&A between Meghan and former US First Lady Michelle Obama being one of them – and the announcement that the Duchess would also be dropping a clothing collection later this year, it's been an exciting few days.
But between it all there was a surprising detail about the 15-portrait cover – New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's portrait in particular – that almost got missed, and it marks a first for British Vogue.
As the publication reveals, the photograph of Jacinda is the first cover photo that has ever been taken via video link, with the photographer Peter Lindberg shooting the photograph from his studio in London, while Jacinda was in a sunny backyard in Auckland.
If you take a close look at the top right of the below photograph, you'll see a little image of Peter.

As the publication explains, the experience was not just a first for magazine but also a first for Peter Lindbergh who said he'd done some test shoots in Paris, so was certain it would work.
"I was a little worried that we might lose a lot of the energy," reflects Peter.
"That it might feel cold and distant because Jacinda was there [in Auckland] and we were here [in London."
Thankfully, that was not the case.
"We did some chatting, even though I couldn't hear her very well, so I had to feel my way – it was very funny.
"She was smiling and laughing the whole time."
Inside the September issue Jacinda has penned an exclusive essay on modern leadership writing, "For all our first, I'm proud we're now a nation where girls don't consider politics or political leadership extraordinary."
PM Jacinda Ardern is just 1 of 15 women who grace the cover of British Vogue's September issue - guest edited by Duchess Meghan. (Image: Getty)
Earlier, photographer Peter also revealed the specific instruction he received from the Duchess of Sussex ahead of shooting the 15 women for the cover of the 'Forces for Change' issue, saying the word "natural" cropped up often during cover shoot discussions.
"My instructions from the Duchess were clear: 'I want to see freckles!'" Peter shares.
"Well, that was like running through open doors for me. I love freckles.'

British Vogue's editor-in-chief Edward Enninful also shared why the Duchess chose not to grace the cover herself, saying that she felt it might be a "boastful" thing to do for this particular project.
"She wanted, instead, to focus on the women she admires," he said.
Talking about her vision for the cover Sussex Royal's Instagram shared: "For the cover, The Duchess chose a diverse selection of women from all works of life, each driving impact and raising the bar for equality, kindness, justice and open mindedness.
"The sixteenth space on the cover, a mirror, was included so that when you hold the issue in your hands, you see yourself as part of this collective."
Alongside PM Jacinda Ardern also features the likes of Greta Thunberg the 15-year-old climate change activist, actor Laverne Fox a trans woman and LGBTQI+ campaigner, Ramli Ali a Somalian boxer and global athlete for Nike and campaigner and actor Jane Fonda.