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The ridiculously easy question an Australian couple couldn't answer about New Zealand

How was that question even hard enough to be on a quiz show?

Did you hear the one about the two Australian game show contestants who blew their chance of winning $520,000 because they didn’t know the answer to a very easy question about New Zealand?
The punchline is, it’s not even a joke!
During Tuesday night's episode of The Wall on Australia's TV network Channel Seven, husband-and-wife team Jess and Lee had $520,000 in potential winnings drop to $0 when Lee locked in 'Christchurch' in answer to the question, ‘What is the capital of New Zealand?’
The segment required the couple to be separated, with Lee shut away in a sound-proof booth and in charge of answering the question.
It was like watching a mortifying comedy of errors unfold with Lee clearly unsure from the get-go.
“This is probably one I should know,” he announced as Jess grimaced in frustration…
“I should know that as well, we should both know this,” she empathised – although Lee couldn’t hear her.
“I’m leaning towards Christchurch at this stage,” Lee divulged. Then he flipped to Auckland…
“Which one sounds right?" he agonised.
Even the correct answer left his lips but by this point Jess was convinced the answer was 'A for Auckland' and was shouting at Lee who still couldn't hear her.
Lee locked in Christchurch and it was all over.
While the couple went on to regain $175,000 in winnings it’s not quite the same. It did make us wonder how we would fare in a quiz about New Zealand though.
Test yourself out here: